What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates (or extracts) are high-THC marijuana products offering users powerful effects. They are made by extracting the most potent components from cannabis buds, leaving you with a powerful concentrate full of THC. Wax concentrates like shatter are particularly popular. 

Cannabis Concentrate Effects?

A cannabis concentrate can provide positive effects that help you relax when you’re stressed, or help you sleep at night. They can also boost your mood when you’re feeling low, and heighten your natural senses.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates?

Due to their high levels of THC, marijuana concentrates can be used to treat a variety of issues. Indica concentrates are best used for pain relief, inflammation, headaches, migraines, and physical distress. Sativa concentrates can help with anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and fatigue. Hybrid concentrates can provide a range of both physical and mental benefits.

How To Use Cannabis Concentrates?

Vaping Concentrates: Vaping cannabis concentrates will give you more flavor, smoother hits, and stronger effect. It’s best to use a wax or dab pen (also known as a concentrate vaporizer). A vape temperature of 157 – 232°C (315 – 450°F) is best for consuming THC concentrates.

Smoking Concentrates: Cannabis concentrates can be added to a joint, spliff, or glass bowl. It’s important to mix dabs of cannabis extracts with weed to help it burn smoothly.

Dabbing Concentrates: You can also dab cannabis concentrates using a dab rig. Apply some heat to the nail of your rig, administer a dab of concentrate with a dabber, and inhale the potent weed vapor to feel the effects.

Should I buy Cannabis Concentrates or Flower?

Cannabis concentrate is a great choice for people with a high marijuana tolerance, or medical users seeking stronger relief for their symptoms. Cannabis concentrates contain extra-high THC levels, so they generally give you a more intense and powerful high. Cannabis flower typically has lower levels of THC.

Cannabis Concentrates or Edibles?

Edibles and cannabis concentrates are often compared, as both contain a high level of THC. Edibles can provide you with longer-lasting effects (4 to 12 hours), but they also take longer for the effects to be felt (30 to 90 mins). On the other hand, the effects of weed concentrates kick in instantly.

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