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Blue Coma Strain - 93% THC 1000mg

Sweet dreams

Lay back relax and enjoy

Mr. Nasty Strain - Hybrid

Love it..tastes very good and long lasting

Very tasty and the brick holds together nicely. Not as soft as it used to be

Gets you turbo baked

As you would expect, you get turbo baked to the point your eyes will start to feel like they are bleeding.

Taste Too Good

These cookies taste so good, you'll crave another… (probably don’t!)

tasty & affective

lifts the mood and gives energy, lovely taste too!! I recommend this product!

Good choice

Nice quality buds smokes well will buy again Thanks Grizzly

Wild ride!

I've never been as overstimulated as I was on the first bowl of this. Not for beginners. If you have zero anxiety and need to strip and wax your itchen floors, this strain is for you. It's very good at what it does. Maybe too good.

Very potent and long lasting absolutely love it

Blue Gelato

To dry
Weed is hard to roll. But it is good

It’s all I smoke !

I’ve been a smoker the last 28 years , I stopped for about a year and when I started back up it’s been the grand daddy purp ever since ! Thank u so much !

Acapulco Gold Strain - 93% THC 1000mg


Good description good quality

Great Strain!

Love this strain! Good high and taste

My new favorite

It's smooth with a great high

the taste!

i absolutely love how it has a flavour that’s similar to what fresh weed smells like. this is my first time trying the full spectrum terpenes so maybe that’s why there’s so much flavour? i don’t know…but i enjoy it a lot!


I loved it. The buds were great.

Acapulco Gold Strain - 93% THC 1000mg

1 Gram Mystery Joint
brad russell
Great price

Great price and quality !

I’m trying to decide if it is hard on my chest and I cough more than I do with green crack?👍🏽

Gods Gift Strain - 93% THC 1000mg