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Not delivered yet

We haven’t received the smoke yet our mail hasn’t been delivered because we are surrounded by fire. Our roads were closed and we have absolutely no power or water. I have been buying aweful smoke because I am in need. Bring back your half a pound please so I don’t need to run low again. I live in Northern Saskatchewan check the fire out it was called Shaw fire I live in that area.

Doesnt work

Wont work with my pen i got.


Nice taste, Good High on 3 draws



Bubba Kush Strain Vape Cartridge - 93% THC 1000mg

Gummy Bears 200mg THC | Indica Edibles

Chocolate chip delight

Unreal taste for such a potent treat. Make ‘em stronger.

Weed cookies

So first off my 3 stars are a reflection of the fact that they are so strong per cookie! They taste amazing but I have to cut each cookie into 16 pieces. So I think it would benefit you to make these wonderful cookies at 10mg/cookie so you not only get high but can enjoy eating the cookie. I mean I am sure no one will really need 200mg to get high. If you do your tolerance is out of this world! I also applaud that person and I would be envious of that person! 😂

Defective cartridge

This specific cartridge was defective, however the other 3 ones I ordered were good.

Mac 1 - Hybrid AAAA
Lenny Lemaigre
Great stuff

It’s a blast 💥 good stuff as always. Grizzley I will not stray from you!!!

Trainwreck Strain Vape Cartridge - 93% THC 1000mg

Indica gummies

I’m an old girl and have trouble getting to sleep and sleeping through the night. These
Gummies work wonderfully

Great tasting

The blue raspberry are delicious and potent. My favourite indica gummy.

CBD Gummys

They where really good

Reviewing purchase

Not good at all.
I messaged the day it said it was delivered and said I never received it.
I have since emailed twice about it and left 2 messages about the non recieved package.
Still waiting…. 14 days later

All other orders have been very good. But absolutely no response back is not ok

Good-not-Great Gummies

A bit weak in potency for 10 mg gummies, but still ok (just take another quarter or half). Or maybe the potency is correct, but they're a bit higher in Indica origin than expected? Not quite the euphoric effect of Sativa-dominant edibles that I'm used to. One other caution: keep these gummies away from ANY heat source, including a warm-ish car interior or even your pants pockets! They melt into a glob super easily in their semi-foil packet. Grizzly Herb is great to deal with, btw. Quick fulfillment and delivery, no complaints at all.

Heavy Hitter

Very tasty , strong and hard long lasting buzz.
This took about 1 1/2 hours to kick in but when it did it hit hard

Durban Poison Strain Vape Cartridge - 93% THC 1000mg


The $200 chocolate chip cookies are awesome! Two guys can get buzzed right out on one cookie. I will buy again!

Taste the WHAT?!

I found Grizzly years ago and to this day it is my favourite! saying that, I have to point out that this Cartridge left film in my strange mouth… I had little to no problem with Past carts… please keep up the PURE QUALITY!

Chimera - Hybrid AAAA
Jeffrey Starchuk
Chimera is killer

Very happy with the bud , once I opened the sealed
Bag I stunk up our whole house , awsomeness !

Best hybrid

No weird after taste, always a great option

Death Bubba AAAAA

Yep. This the true death Bubba. Soaring high.

Chocolate chip cookie

Me likey ! 😎

Gummy Bears 200mg THC | Sativa Edibles