Exploring The Exotic And Rare Cannabis Strains

Exploring The Exotic And Rare Cannabis Strains

The World’s Most Exotic and Rare Cannabis Strains

The exotic strains of weed are specialized and unique versions of cannabis, which are far from the usual because of their color, flavor, aroma, effect, or morphology. These strains are difficult to find and cause profound cerebral effects.  

There are more than 700 exotic strains of cannabis that have gained immense popularity and fascination within the cannabis community over the years. Your presence here reveals your curiosity about these strains and their unique characteristics. If your answer is a yes, get into the article without further delay.   

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Which Are The World’s Most Exotic and Rare Cannabis Strains?

Below are the top exotic and rare cannabis strains: 

  • Blue Haze 

Blue Haze is the sativa-dominant strain (80% sativa). It is a well-balanced hybrid of Haze strain and Blueberry Indica. The strain has a pleasant aroma and is considered an ideal choice for the average consumer. It will always offer you a mixture of euphoric and profound effects. Blue Haze has a high level of THC (20%).

  • Hindu Kush

It is a rare and purist weed strain. Hindu Kush is 100% Indica, has amazing qualities and always promises a soothing and relaxing experience. The strain originates from the mountain ranges and is popular for its wet earth and sandalwood aroma. Hindu Kush always offers you a tranquil and calming effect. Mostly, people prefer to use it to overcome pain and stress. 

  • Purple Haze

It is the first and the most popular purple marijuana hybrid. Purple Haze is a sativa strain that promises energetic psychedelic effects. The strain is a hybrid of Haze and Purple Thai. It has an earthy and sweet flavor. The strain got fame due to Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 song (which has the same title).

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  • Blue Dream 

A sativa dominant strain offers sudden relief without heavy sedative effects. The strain is popular for its peppery and sweet blueberry taste and aroma. Blue Dream has more than 18% THC and a small amount of CBD. Therefore, the strain is popular among newbies. It is a perfect hybrid of Haze and Blueberry, offers creative cerebral effects, and relaxes the body. 

  • Black African Magic

It is also known as BAM, is a Sativa strain. Black African Magic contains about 29% THC and is very psychedelic. Due to its black-to-dark-brown color, you can easily differentiate it from the other strains. The strain is rich in flavors and is highly potent. It is a rare strain, and you may get it by chance. It has a rich, deep, earthy flavor. It helps you fight stress and helps in peaceful sleep.


The cannabis community always remains excited to experience the new flavors. Therefore, you always see new exotic cannabis strains in the market. These rare strains have unique genetic makeup, remarkable potency, flavor, and unusual aroma. These strains are difficult to find but worth experiencing!

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