Finding The Purity Of Cannabis Concentrates!

Finding The Purity Of Cannabis Concentrates!

The Pursuit of Purity in Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have gained popularity because of their purity and easier consumption. Also, these concentrates are a great option for those who want stronger effects but don’t want to inhale smoke. 

The concentrates differ due to the extraction technique, color, texture, terpene, and cannabinoid profile. But do you know how pure these cannabis extracts are? If not, we will tell you about the purity of different cannabis concentrates here! 


different cannabis concntrates

What Is The Purity Of Different Cannabis Concentrates?

Below, you can find various cannabis extracts and their purities: 

  • Wax Concentrates

The wax extracts are granular, dense, and golden in color. They have a sticky wax consistency and are popular for their robust flavors and intense aroma. Most of the wax concentrates contain 60 to 80% THC or may be up to 90% in some cases. The terpene level reaches up to 5.9% when extracted carefully. 

  • Shatter

The shatter concentrates are transparent with a yellow or orange hue. They have a glass-like appearance but are highly brittle. The concentrate is popular for offering the best price-to-potency ratio. Shatter contains 80 to 90% THC. It has lower terpene content (5.9%) and undergoes different filtration processes. Shatter has a longer shelf life than other concentrates, burns at higher temperatures, and always produces the best effects. 

  • Sugar And Crumble

They are more flavorful concentrates and have a richer terpene profile than shatter. The color of sugar and crumble ranges from pale yellow to deep amber. The crumble appears like the sugar clumps and is very dry. The concentrates contain more than 90% THC, and the terpene continent varies around 10%. Vaporizer is the best sugar consumption method; sprinkle the crumble over the rolled joints. 

  • Live Resin Concentrates

The extraction method makes the live resin very unique. Also, it is a little more expensive than other extracts. The cannabinoids, aroma, and terpene profile you can get from this full-spectrum concentrate is unmatchable. Most of the live resin concentrates have 65 to 95% THC content, and the terpene profile ranges from 13 to 40%. 

Live resin

  • Budder

Budder is a beginner-friendly extract. It is easier to use and has butter-like consistency. It can be prepared from the shutter by shipping it on a hot plate. You must whip it gently and vigorously for longer and be hot. Budder has about 80 to 90% THC and about 5.9% terpene.

  • Sauce

The unique combination of higher terpene concentration and crystals gives it a dense and oily consistency. Solvent-based extraction method is used for the preparation of the sauce. It contains 13 to 40% terpenes and about 60% THC. 


The cannabis concentrates contain more amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids than the raw cannabis flowers. Presently, a plethora of cannabis concentrates (wax, shatters, live resins, sauce, batter, budder, distillate, and many others) are available. Many of these concentrates reach more than 99% cannabinoid purity and give you countless ways of consuming the cannabinoids! 

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